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Chartered Accountants

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"Jon has been absolutely invaluable to me since day one when he helped me set up my architecture and interior design practice STUDIOAida. Through the first years when we required a lot of handholding and reassuring he has been there to help with his extensive knowledge , advice, sense of humour and patience to answer a million questions that we had. Even now five years in, when we are a bit more settled, he make us sleep better at night knowing he has meticulously checked everything, never missed a deadline and answered queries quicker than we could have typed them. I could not  recommend him any higher."
Aida Bratovic - Director - STUDIOAida Ltd


“Jon has worked with Lipton Plant Architects for the best part of two and a half years and has relieved the strain of numerous financial tasks that we used to do in house. He has offered support and advice along with creative solutions which have influenced a number of critical financial decisions in the office. I would have no hesitation in recommending him."
Edward Lipton - Director - Lipton Plant Architects Ltd


"Jon is a very professional Accountant with an excellent understanding of business with  an up to date knowledge of taxation. He is always reliable, makes himself available and performs very well in a demanding corporate environment.”

Tony Cole - Finance Director - All Design Architects


"Jon has been advising me on an almost constant basis since I started self employment in 2009. In a nutshell he has made my life so much easier. I continue to be amazed by Jon's speed in responding to my never ending queries. He also answers them in a very thorough manner covering all the relevant angles. I am very confident that Jon has saved me lots of tax and has helped me to understand the complexities of the tax system. Last but not least Jon is a delight to talk to!" 
N Dance - Freelance lawyer


“Jon is excellent. He's navigated me through the tax labyrinth with great skill. I feel very reassured that I have such a capable and approachable accountant.”
Alex McBride - Barrister, Journalist and Author
“Jon is knowledgeable, helpful, patient and professional. He is very approachable, always responds quickly, effectively and intelligently, and is good at clarifying complex matters. His fees are very reasonable, too. I highly recommend his work.”
Julia Bard - Freelance Journalist and Project Manager 
“I have used Jon's services for several years now and continue to do so. He has been excellent to deal with. He is very straightforward, responds to queries very rapidly but with meticulous attention to detail. I strongly recommend him.”
David Rosenberg - Teacher and Tour Guide at East End Walks
“I was recommended first to Jon when I was starting up my training company, RLH Training Limited. I was new to starting up a business and found Jon's expertise and extensive knowledge a great help. He was always available to answer questions and had endless patience. He has taken over one of my main concerns about running a company, i.e. that of dealing with its finances and, in a nutshell, has made my life so much easier. Jon does an excellent job with my accounts, is meticulous in what he does and is always on time. I highly recommend Jon as an accountant.”
Rita Hockman - Director, Owner and Trainer - RLH Training Ltd


"I switched to Jon when the accountancy firm I was formerly with, became too overblown and unwieldy. Jon offers a personal, professional, cohesive service, and responds speedily to my enquires."

Joshua Palmano - Senior Partner - Gosh Comics LLP


"At Balian most of our clients are foreign governments and therefore we were looking to maintain the accounting at a level of quality and accuracy commensurate with our business.  We have found Jon to be an excellent and thoroughly efficient advisor in this regard.  I have moved my personal tax affairs from Ernst & Young to Jon’s care subsequently and have been very happy with the result".

Emre Mengu - Director and Owner - Balian & Co Ltd

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